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Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

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I finally installed 10158 with an ISO. I had downgraded to 10074 from 10130 and the update was showing but it flat refused to install. Liking what I am seeing so far.


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300+ more fixes and "one very interesting change?"

"Prepare ship...prepare ship...for LUDICROUS SPEED!!!!"
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When you find cool apps like this..... Share links for the rest of us if they are good apps. :)
Uh sorry, tought i found it in this thread, guess it was another thread in this forum then, but cliffr39 has found the Link :)

They may be using a Mac with VM (I use Caffeine on my Mac and it's awesome). Looks like this may be similar for the Windows side, but is 2 years old http://www.zhornsoftware.co.uk/caffeine/

It is 2 Years old, but it still works, so why an update? ^^
This little tool has helped me out quite a few times when i'm to lazy to change the window powersettings as to when deactivate or sleep.

I fresh installed 10130 last night so I could get the new build via update. I enabled fast ring and updated everything I could including firmware. But I am still on build 10130 and it keeps telling me there are no updates. Anyone know why? Thanks!
i just realised i'm also still on build 130 -.-
i DID the full install, it went through ALL things, but when it rebooted i saw it's still 130 and i just can't find no updates anymore! Guess they deactivated it at a certain time of the day, because before that i updated 4 other PCs xD

Now i've downloaded the 158 iso from Mega and updated via CD drive. (And jep, i've made a copy from my .vhdx file before... if i don't like it i simply delete the new .vhdx and use the old again :) Virtual Harddisks are awesome!)
And yeah... just heard about 159.... maybe i'll use the old and update to 159.
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