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Windows 10 Update stuck at 99%


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Hi All

I purchased surface PRO 4 yesterday and started windows update it's taking a lot of time and from last 8 hours at 99% only.

it's a brand new one and doesn't contain any data. How much time it generally takes?

Also Skype saying webcams not detected? Should I enable it separately?

Anyone faced similar situation please suggest me how to proceed. Thanks in advance.

--Sunil Kumar Noothi


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I have had this very issue with slower PC's in the past. Although the update screen states - "do not turn off the PC" - if its stuck what I will do is Hold the POWER button down until it powers completely off, then power it back on. Once in Windows, I head over to the reboot button and usually it will say "Update Windows and then Reboot" - Once this option is enacted, Windows usually will install the updates without issue(s). I hope this helps.

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