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I use my SP4 not only at home but in other homes and offices every day, day in and day out. Whether Hello works or not is totally dependent on lighting. At home I am next to a window off to my right. It works probably 80% of the time.

It will work 100% if you are in average indoor light and not too near outdoor light. It won't work at all, ever in direct outdoor light.

It is a good idea but of limited use. I think same for phone, a fingerprint reader makes a lot more sense and always works. I use the fingerprint login on my iPhone and iPad and works much better.

Having said that there are no doubt situations where this technology is fantastic just not sure that this is one of them.


Mine has been doing great! Any time it doesn't recognize me, is because there is something different from the scans you saved. Had a hiccup the other day where it couldn't recognize me because I had my Bluetooth headset on. . I just went back into "Improve recognition", and let it take another scan. No more issue with Windows hello Face Recognition when wearing headphones the rest of the day. :)
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