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Windows Key and OneNote on Surface RT


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I use One Note with PCs and take a lot of screenshots with <Windows><S> key combination. But I have not been successful in getting Windows key on the touch keyboard. I have tried the full and split options and can't find anything in settings. Other than connecting the keyboard, is there a way to get the Windows key on the touch keyboard?

No luck with the Office edition shipped with Surface or OneNote downloaded from the Store.

One other question, is there a way to add a screen clip function or Send to OneNote direct from IE in the modern UI?


Surface RT 8.0
Type Keyboard
The Windows button on the front is your Windows Key, for a screen shot its Windows Button and Volume Down at the same time. The Screen Shots are stored in the Pictures Folder under Screen Shots.
Thanks. But I am speaking of a screen clip, not screenshot. With OneNote using the <Windows><S> combination the user defines the area he wishes to capture with the cursor and then pastes to an app. Much like Snapshot in pdf viewers.