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Windows RT and WHS


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Looking to buy a Windows RT and was curious if I could use it to connect to my Windows Home Server and stream recorded shows that are stored on my WHS but was recorded from my Media Center PC. Thank you
I answered you in the other thread that you originally posted this question. The WHS is an appliance but use the same technology such as HomeGroup and Windows Media Center, so the answer is yes. I do that using my Surface RT.
Arnold, I do not have the latest WHS. Will this have any issues? I have Win 7 machines and can set up Homegroups. Will I still be able to access the WHS files?
Yes, one of my computer is Windows 7 and Surface RT can connect and play.

But let me just say this, none of the apps, i.e., Video, Photo and Music can connect to those shares and services on their own. You have to use the Desktop File Manager to browse the media and launch it from there. The appropriate app will be launched and play the media.
sounds good. Can you create a tile that gives me a shortcut to the file manager so the access would be easier?
can we get surface RT to play.wtv files. these files are media center recorded programs. I am connected via homegroup and can see the WHS server and the files.

Oh, not directly but you can convert to mp4.
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I will warn you that the remote web streaming does not work since there is no Silverlight installed. You can download and play but not stream.

The other options are as follows:
1. buy a Surface Pro so you can install Silverlight
2. buy Windows Server 2012 Essentials to get a system that does HTTP streaming as well as Silverlight streaming.
3. install the VPN service and VPN back into your network. Depending on your speed there can be some pauses but it's an option that doesn't cost anything.