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Wireless Adapter for Typing Covers: DISCONTINUED


All I did was posit a reasonable explanation as to why they were discontinued. If you have one and love it and use it every day, great! You are the minority.


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People have different uses for different products. That's all there is to it.

In the meantime, they appear to still be available at Best Buy.com, and certainly third party sellers like eBay and Amazon marketplace (at inflated prices).


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Well, I have one. And it is very comfortable to put a few feet between my keyboard and a kicked back SP2.

I bought mine from bestbuy.com .

I suggest that it would still be good to get one. Should be stock hanging around, probably at a good price.

As to why it is being discontinued, I would guess:
- Not worth competing against myriad Bluetooth Windows keyboards
- Not compatible with the Power Cover. The Power Cover can't do its reserve power job remotely.
- Not able to 'fold up' and carry with the Surface. Even keyboards do. Does not match the concept of portability. Mice don't either, by the way.

I think Microsoft is making the wrong call on this one, though. They should at least license the product out to be manufactured / offered by a 3rd party.;)
While all you said is accurate, I wanted to clarify, the wireless adapter DOES work just fine with the Power Cover... the only limitation is obviously the Power Cover doesn't charge the Surface remotely :)

Honestly, the Power Cover actually makes a great remote keyboard being so solid while using the wireless adapter on the couch or in a recliner.


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...they appear to still be available at Best Buy.com...
Thanks for the heads-up, the stores have stopped stocking them but BestBuy.com has them, I just ordered one (in addition to the one I purchased a couple months ago). Such an innovative and useful gizmo, once you've had one it's not something to be without. I don't use it 100% of the time, but when I do use it I'm very glad I have it. What would be even better would be having Bluetooth built into the Surface Type & Touch Covers.