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Why can't I download and run the WSOP poker game on my surface rt? It states that the app is not allowed and to visit the online store. Obviously its not there so anyone have a clue if/when it might be or how I can get it installed?
Windows RT only supports 3rd Party Applications through the Windows Store and is not compatible with x86 programs.
I would reach out to WSOP developer and see what their plans are for Windows 8/RT Store, usually done through the Contact Us link or if they have Forum.
Got a reply back from WSOP game researchers. There's no plan or estimated time of an app release but was informed that I could play using the Xbox app on my surface.
It won't load. Says this game will not work on your device. Going to take this pos back to best buy and get a real laptop.
pos it is not, it just does not allow you to run anything not downloaded through store, maybe a bit more research before purchase would have saved your anger, I have both the RT and Pro, you should have bought the Pro version then you would have had no problems.
Indeed unfortunately it seems you didn't know what you were buying. The Surface you have is comparable to an iPad... you wouldn't be able to download and run .exe files on there either :)