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Screen : black glitches


Hi all,

Since yesterday, I'm very worried with my SP3. I've got black "glitches" on my screen every minutes.
Sometimes, even when I start the Surface (on the logo "Surface"), so not only in Windows.

And sometimes, everything freeze on the screen and I have to click on the sleep button, and wake the Surface in order to "unfreeze" the screen. (when it's freeze, I think that Windows is still working on the background and I just can't see it... the windows button on the right of the surface is still working when it's freeze).

I'm very worried that it's a hardware problem and not a driver problem... What do you think ?

Here's a small video of the problem : Sendvid - Instant video upload

Version of display driver :


I've tried to connect a second monitor in order to see if it was "duplicate" on the 2nd screen. The answer is no. The black screens appears only on the SP3 (video : Sendvid - Instant video upload)
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