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YouTube review - Surface Pro dislikes


I have always hated the surface tablet since it was released, I really think the sp3 took thing to a different level thats why I got it and im really astonished by everything. Dont worry about the other fans this product is great and that guy always reviews gaming laptops and desktops I dont know why is he using the sp3


Even valid points are diluted when presented in a condescending and passive aggressive demeanor....

Agree as well.
He does have some valid points, and he did take the time to use it on an every-day basis. So by that standard his opinions are more valid than probably 99% of the commenters.


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There are going to be loyalty, fans base to follow a manufacture, brand regardless of how bad a product launch is and whatever shortcoming, features, that device may not have over a competitor, brand.

Not every device is a one fit all to everyone needs no matter how good it is or how well it is build. There always going to be that 1% that going to give a bad rap regardless, it human nature.


He's a bit like nails on a chalkboard.

But he's right on almost every point. Way too many WTF moments when trying to use this. I had much more success with the SP2.


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He lost me when he said the Dell XPS 12 is a better tablet experience than the SP3. I used an XPS 12 for a couple of months and absolutely hated it as a tablet--it's heavy, thick, and generally clunky. Try as I might, I simply couldn't get comfortable with it.

The SP3 is so much better as a tablet that it's unfathomable how anyone could compare it to the XPS 12 and find it lacking. I don't remember everything the guy said about the SP3 (although I remember disagreeing with most of it), but this is the one bit that really stuck out.


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This guy seemed pretty neutral on the surface pro 3 the entire review (mentioned the positives just as much as the negatives) and then at the end he instantly jumps to basically saying it is complete garbage. What?

Anyway, he isn't the target audience for this product, that is why he is under the impression he is. I liked the review. He made valid points throughout. I just don't understand how he can conclude the way he did.


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Some valid points if they concern you, not so good on thought of other individuals needs.

Nothing he said would EVER drive me to get that hulking monstrosity Dell XPS Duo. Sorry.
The same things can be said of his preference choice. Bulky, heavy, unable to use one handed, difficult to transport, not as good battery life, no wireless ac, no inking, no detachable keyboard, etc.