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3 generations in and still: Ghost image glitch on lock-/welcome-screen


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One thing i have noticed about all Surface tablets is that no matter what you change you lock/welcome screen to, for a short second you will see the standard circle wallpaper it came with... for glimpse of a second.

Is this really a glitch that MS cannot solve. I tried many laptops that didn't have it. Maybe it's time that MS looked to the vendors for some simple learning. Update upon updates, it is still there.

Am i the only one wondering about this.
Yeah...I noticed this too and would really like to get rid of it, but in the event it really is not important and my SP3 is otherwise flawless!!! (Touch wood!)
and me third... and let me get this straight, for a fraction of a second you see the standard wallpaper when you change the welcome/lock screen (which is probably hardly ever) and that bothers you that much to make a post about it? :p
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Ghost image for a fraction of a second at the lock screen... I swear everything bothers people these days.

It's not just a bother, at times in can be a fear for the fact that even though one bought an expensive (top of the class) device, the people made it payed less attention to detail than on a 299 dollar Lenovo fx. How does one know that it does impact and prolong the login experience?

Secondly: I actually had mine with a client for a showcase, where it happened very obviously and my client went: What was that? And i went: I dont know. These small things might seems irrelevant to some, but it might also prohibit others from getting a good/great impression of a product. Again, it creates a uncertainty for no reason at all.
Lets see a video. upload it to your OneDrive, share it and post a link. Please identify the second in the video to examine.