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30 day is all it took to break the glass


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I got something similar to this but without the crack only a hole on the first surface pro. The source of the problem was the type cover keyboard. A really small grain of sand was impregnated on the right of the mouse pad and closed with the pressure it created a small hole. The dust was still visible when I realized my fault. With the new sp3, I don't use a type cover keyboard I'm still not sure if I'm going to buy it, anyway I'm find it more easy to work with a full keyboard.


That sucks...sorry for your loss (sounds like a death in the family). Stories like this are why i installed a tempered glass cover today. Had one on my Sammy 5S and already saved me that screen once.

Good luck with the repair!


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The very same thing happened to me: crack started at the microphone hole when I detached the keyboard . Microsoft service was not willing to consider this as a warranty case, and I had to go for a replacement (300 Canadian+tax). I hardly dare to touch the replacement, and for my latest trip I packed my first generation Surface Pro.

So:leave your fingers away from that microphone hole! Too bad it sits right in the middle, just where you will hold the device.

Please post in case you can convince microsoft to treat it as warranty case. Good luck, for sure.IMG_9467.JPG


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Perhaps if this type of failure becomes a trend, Microsoft will reconsider their position. All of them breaking right around the microphone hole is making me more and more suspicious of a fundamental flaw.


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That is good to know and makes sense. This should be in the tips section to refrain from applying too much pressure on the camera area.


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That sucks...sorry for your loss (sounds like a death in the family). Stories like this are why i installed a tempered glass cover today. Had one on my Sammy 5S and already saved me that screen once.

Good luck with the repair!
What is this "tempered glass cover"? Can you please post a link or describe it? Thanks.


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Check your credit card. Quite a few newer cards offer built in protection plans. American Express offers 90 day accidental damage protection and an extended 1 year warranty just for using the card.


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Had the exact same thing happen to me. Had my thumb over that area while I held it to open the kickstand. Cracked so badly that it keeps registering touches under the crack. Since I'm in the UK and had mine imported Microsoft (after calling them) are only willing to exchange and won't do that until the official release on the 28th. I can't even pre-book it, I have to wait till then before I can even apply to get it replaced. They won't even give me a UK price for it. I've since contacted the company I purchased it from and sent them pictures of the cracks. They're contacting their Microsoft account manager and told me I should get a response back on Monday. I'm considering pointing them to this thread to show it's clearly a design fault with the screen.


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I'm not trying to make light of the cracked screen issue but I just checked 2 other forums where I am on staff, one a phone forum, one a tablet forum. One had 832 threads about cracked screens, the majority blaming it on a manufacturing defect, the other had 232 posts mostly claiming the same exact thing, at least 7-8 different manufacturers.

The only thing common to the complaints is that all were touch screens. I can't count the total number of threads that had a cracked screen tite on yet a 3rd forum but I can count on at least 1 new one every day.

All touch screens can crack but just because it happens to quite a few people doesn't automatically make it a manufacturing defect. Just my .02


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If the Surface Pro 3 has a hole drilled in the glass screen for the microphone, I would see this as a design flaw. A small hole drilled in a large and thin glass screen is a recipe for disaster because if the stress applied when the mass is lifted. Another problem is that they seem to have gone too far with the glass thinness in order to produce as thin a tablet as possible.

I really hope Dell and the other more experienced hardware manufacturers come up this year with some credible alternatives to the Surface Pro 3, right now it seems that the hardware manufacturers are a bit stuck in the past as far as realizing the potential of hybrid devices and only low-performance devices are available as hybrids. Or maybe they want to trick the user into buying both tablets and laptops.
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