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Anyone use their SP3 and Note as their daily notepad?


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While I am starting to get used to the pen + OneNote combo for taking notes (either using the Metro app or Desktop app) I still find I revert to (extremely fast) touch typing with the typecover.

Anybody else do this ?
If I ink I remember....typing requires me to refer back to my notes much more often, also typing in meetings is so rude :) Also I need to create diagrams and charts and mark up during my meetings.

I use OneNote instead of paper now for pretty everything, but there's one niggle with it that stops me thinking it is a perfect replacement. I was wondering if anyone else had this niggle, or whether it is an idiosyncrasy with my version/set-up.

So I use the desktop version only. If I haven't been using a mouse - i.e. one isn't registered with Windows - I can "pinch and zoom" round the paper, but also scroll round by dragging round the screen. But if I have been using a mouse I can't scroll around by touching the screen, I have to use the mouse. I can't even drag the scrollbars along with my finger, though I can with the nib of the pen.

I can get by using "pinch and zoom" to navigate around a page, by zooming out, say from the bottom of the page, then zooming into to the top, but it's not great. Worst of all though, once I've written to the bottom of the visible page I can't move the page down a little to carry on writing.

Is this common behaviour?

What mouse are you using? I've never experienced this in OneNote unless my Touch HID Driver crashed...