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8.1 Outlook broke my email


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I can't connect to Exchange Activesync anymore. GG Microsoft...... (I'm the Exchange admin at my company BTW, not Joe blow user) Not a good start to the "Preview"
Same here. Haven't launched Outlook yet, but my exchange, work email said it needed a password. I put the password in and it says it cant connect.
Got Exchange working with the updates, but now my Hotmail/windows account is gone and my imap account wont connect.

Oh, the fun...
I've installed it on my RT Device and have added all 3 email accounts, 2 Exchange (O365) and one IMAP and all work flawlessly...
I installed 8.1 on my RT, but not going to update my wife's. I don't see enough features to warrant the risk.

The new Start is a big fail in my opinion.
RS - What about the Start is a fail? I have the same background on my Start Screen as I do on my desktop and the All App view is easy to get too...