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What accessories does the Surface need?
In my opinion none really. The USB port pretty much gives you connectivity to anything you might want.

External keyboards... pretty much any usb key board or blue tooth.
Ethernet connector.. would be a nice to have, however I dont see anyone writing an RT specific driver anytime soon.

Everytime I read someone whining about the lack of acessories.. I frankly cringe. What about you?
I cant think of any. It has all it needs. The only extra accessory I purchased was a sleeve to protect it more. I'm afraid with just the touch cover, the Surface my slipe out of my hand. With the sleeve, I have a better grip, plus it has a small pocket for my earbuds and USB card reader. That's all I need.
I think Microsoft should make their own capacitive stylus for the Surface RT, much like they did for the Surface Pro. I use my Surface for taking notes in class so a pen that works well would help a lot! An Ethernet adapter would be nice too, especially with all the connectivity issues some people are having
The Surface Pro's stylus is not just a capacitve pen. The Surface Pro actually has 2 digitizers, one for normal touch, and one for the pen, which, for example, features pen pressure.
Like Codevine said, the Surface Pro is a digitizer not just a capacitive stylus. There is no reason for MS to make it's own capacative stylus since there are already many options available for sale and for the most part they are nothing more than a stick with a rubber nub at the end.

Check this article out for a comprehensive review of capacitive styluses (styli?).

The best stylus for iPad: we review the hits and misses | The Verge

(And no it doesn't matter that the review says iPad)
I think that more than accessories, drivers are needed for various devices. I'm confident the driver base will steadily increase, the Surface is just in it's infancy.
I got the adapter cables (VGA and HDMI) for Powerpoint presentations. I already had a bluetooth speaker, a set of earbuds, and a neoprene sleeve I was using with my netbook. Add those to the touch cover, SD card, and a thumb drive and I've got all I need.
I'd like a lap desk the right size to put in my case and use my Surface on my lap when away from home. I use a large one at home, I use it on my desk at work. A lap desk 11" wide and 10.5" deep, that is 1/4" thick would be perfect. A hard keyboard with a slot for the device to fit in, would also be a nice option.

The iPad that I used for a while had an OtterBox, and I like the protection, but not the increase in size.
Brother Charlie,

I think you might like this Logitech N315

They even come in Surface complimentary colors :)

Word of warning - I bought the new Zagg Invisishield self-repairing nano-tech full-body protector. It fits well, and looks great....but it has ruined the way my Adonit Pro stylus works on the Surface.

The Zagg stuff is going back for a fuill refund (thanks Zagg).