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Adding Media Files to Surface


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Who knows if anyone can answer my question, but will there be a way to transfer media files from my Windows 8 desktop to the Surface? How will the desktop see the Surface once the USB cable is plugged in?


I've read that You will be able to plug a USB key into the port and transfer them that way via the file manager. So copy them instead to the key from your desk top and load them in.

Perhaps you will also be able to do it via Skydrive but that seems an overly round about way.


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I'm hoping (sort of expecting) we'll be able to drag & drop media files, folders, etc. That's how I've been transfering files for the past decade between Windows XP desktop and Windows Mobile pocket PC.


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Most likely a USB cable will make the connection and recognize the tablet as a drive for the PC. Then it is a matter of moving files. If not Skydrive will be able to move the files via the cloud as mentioned above. Put all the files you want on your tablet in your skydrive folder then from the tablet simply download the ones you want from sky drive to the tablet.

Beyond that you will almost certainly be able to do a direct wireless connection with your PC. Simply use the File Explorer from the desktop space of the Tablet then you should be able to find shared drives on the same network. Simply drag and drop files like you would with a usb connection only without the cable. If you don't see your pc in the File Explorer you may have to set the PC up to share files.

So you have 4 different ways to move stuff 1) USB stick or SD card 2) USB cable 3) Skydrive 4) Home Network connection via wifi. Try not to over think it, it will be just like moving files to and from any other device.