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Another SurfacePro screen bulge?


Oh, god. Please, no. Not again.

I had a five-month-long adventure with my Surface Pro 2017 when the screen bulged and pushed away from the frame with an apparent swollen battery.

I sit at a desk next to patio doors with vertical blinds. My SurfacePros have sat at the same location on my desk and reflect the blinds. With my SP2017 I had noticed that the vertical lines in the reflection started to bulge a while before the screen actually ripped apart from the frame.

So, when I got my SP6 I carefully examined the reflection of the blinds, and they were perfectly straight. The reflection now has a slight bulge:


Those red lines are straight vertical lines I added for comparison.
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I think my Surface Pro 2017 has the same thing. Not to a point where the screen cones loose, but not completely flat either


This is how my SP2017 ended up the day after a long trip from Thailand to Mexico:


I've wondered if the air pressure changes in the planes (it took four flights to get there) was what finally made it erupt.


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SP3 Bulge.jpg
I've had 2 iPhones bulge and come apart from swollen batteries 'cause I'd leave them plugged into to charger all night. I thought that since the Surface shuts off charging when it reaches 100% that wouldn't be an issue, but I guess it is.
Here's my SP3, exchanged for a refurbished unit 03/2016.
It's old enough, it's slow enough, can't wait to get the SP7!


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O yeah... I remember now… This was not a warranty case, was it? This is really bad!

I have to exchange mine again as well due to light bleed issues. But what really troubles me, is that in my case 3 out of 3 have this issue... and no one can tell me what I might have done wrong!
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