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anyone got the type cover2?

Bob in Boston

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Great keys, but the touchpad is AWFUL

I use the Type Cover 2. It has a good feel, is "right sized," and is fun to use. The backlighting makes it easy to use in dim situations, like night travel on planes.

EXCEPT... the touchpad and buttons are the pits. Awful. As fast as I can type, that touchpad slows me down. It is like trying to use a carpeted touchpad.

I hope the battery cover being released in January will have a better touchpad.


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Not counting the backlight, I found that the Type Cover 2 is slightly better than Type Cover 1. Of course the backlight is a huge plus. I would not spend any significant amount of money on either Touch Cover.


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What I did was I got the Touch Cover because I like how its thinner and lighter. When I am on the road and I know I need to do serious typing, I bring my Logitech K810 bluetooth keyboard which is simply amazing to type on for serious work. Another solution is you can just buy both a type cover or touch cover, and choose the one you need for that day before you leave the house.
I love the look of this keyboard, and I was going to purchase one at one point. However I've found the Type Cover to be good enough for me day-to-day so I think I'll just stick with that!


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Actually I am quite happy with the world I live in. Now if you feel the need to conflate my dissatisfaction with Microsoft's insane pricing schemes into some "Mitch hates the world" theme so you can live in your fanboy bubble that's your business.

However, it seems most of the rest of the world including the tech press and people who actually buy technology agree with me.

You see with me you get honest commentary - some things about MS products I like and some I don't. I shoot straight. But when you get input from a fanboy whose premise is that everything MS does is awesome, then you really can't trust their evaluation because everything flows through the fanboy filter.
i'm with you on the pricing of their accessories, come on...$130 for a keyboard??


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i'm with you on the pricing of their accessories, come on...$130 for a keyboard??
Yes, I'm sure the Touch/Type combination cover-keyboards, with multiple patent wins and thus R&D overhead, are totally the same engineering tech as that $9 shit you're using. ;)

My PC's keyboard was a cheap $90 not including shipping, and it's not even a hardcore mechanical gaming keyboard.

"But but but I can get a generic bluetooth keyboard for $$!!"

Then do that. Keep in mind that Apple and other companies do the same thing--matching official accessories cost more than a generic solution. I don't understand the need to whine when there are plenty of other solutions to this first-world "problem." It's a free market. If you don't want to pay that much, then don't.


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Just bought the type cover 2. Nice typing experience, no doubt. But i'm having trouble with the trackpad. Only thing I got out of it is the scrolling and "right" click with 2 fingers. Swipe and zoom don't work. No physical click buttons is a pain, to be honest.

also, how can i select and highlight with only the trackpad?
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