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anyone got the type cover2?


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I have the touch cover 1 and it very bad and frustrating to use, especially in grad school. Now I'm thinking of the type cover 2, anyone has personal experience with it? I know it's not worth that price, but... meh :/


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This isn't specific to just one Surface line, but the Touch cover 1 is probably the poorest out of all four extant keyboards. The Type 1 and Type 2 have moving keys, and for school with a lot of typing, those are highly recommended. Touch 2, however, is also very much improved over Touch 1. So between Touch 2 and either Type 1/2, your choice is going to be dependent on feel (moving keys vs. none) and just how much typing you intend to do. That said, some people will still like the Touch 2 even for more typing than "occasional." If at all possible, the best thing to do is try to find them in-store to try out (MS store especially).


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Touch cover 1 was a joke. Touch cover 2 is much better in that it doesn't miss your keypresses, but if you are touch-typist who doesn't need to look at the keys you will probably find your fingers drifting off of home row. Probably not such a problem for more hunt-and-peck typists. It actually feels like ty8ping on a screen.

Type cover 2 is my favorite by far. It is just thinner enough that if you flip it round back to use in portrait mode, it doesn't feel too thick whereas the type cover 1 definitely felt thick. And of course the backlighting is sweet. Only disappointment is that it is NOT silent as Panos advertised it, though it is quieter than type cover 1.


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I was in the same situation, I had a touch one with my RT and now have Type2 with my SP2, and the difference is staggering. However as others have said the Touch 2 is supposed to be much improved so I can't advised not giving it a try!


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I have both the Touch 2 and the Type 2 both are huge improvements over the first gen covers. I actually I'm typing faster and more accurate with Touch 2 than Type 2, but of course I'm weird....


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I had a touch cover and it was not working for me, too many errors in typing. So i purchased the type cover 2 and i must say it works as a charm, also the backlit function is very nice to have. The tactile feedback on the type cover2 is good, maybe its psychological but i need some feedback when typing.
I recommend the type cover anytime over a touch cover, yes it is a little thicker but only a little ;)


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After a week with the new type cover I am finding that it is missing numerous keystrokes unless I nail the key dead center and with a mighty thwack. Haven't tried the touch cover 2 yet. On roach's recommendation I may try that.

One great advantage of the touch cover is you can type in complete silence which would be beneficial in a meeting or in class or the library. Although the new type cover is quieter, it is still too noisy for those environments.


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I have the Type 1, but have worked with the Type 2 for quite a bit, it's sooooo much better, my Type 1 now is crappy, the Type 2, clicks better, feels like there are springs under the keeys and is much more accurate. Also the backlighting is nice.


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I don't want to jinx myself, but I have had zero problems with my type cover 2.

Yeah... me neither. But then again you have to see where the caustic comments are coming from. Mitch is well-known for his dissatisfaction with the world and other sundry things - like the Surface, Best Buy, Type Covers etc....:>)


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What I did was I got the Touch Cover because I like how its thinner and lighter. When I am on the road and I know I need to do serious typing, I bring my Logitech K810 bluetooth keyboard which is simply amazing to type on for serious work. Another solution is you can just buy both a type cover or touch cover, and choose the one you need for that day before you leave the house.


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Yeah... me neither. But then again you have to see where the caustic comments are coming from. Mitch is well-known for his dissatisfaction with the world and other sundry things - like the Surface, Best Buy, Type Covers etc....:>)

Actually I am quite happy with the world I live in. Now if you feel the need to conflate my dissatisfaction with Microsoft's insane pricing schemes into some "Mitch hates the world" theme so you can live in your fanboy bubble that's your business.

However, it seems most of the rest of the world including the tech press and people who actually buy technology agree with me.

You see with me you get honest commentary - some things about MS products I like and some I don't. I shoot straight. But when you get input from a fanboy whose premise is that everything MS does is awesome, then you really can't trust their evaluation because everything flows through the fanboy filter.
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