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Anyone Tried One of These with Their Surface?


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Eclipse Bluetooth mouse

Looking for a mouse to replace my wedge. This looks pretty cool but the reviews are hit and miss. I think partly because the people who buy these don't understand Bluetooth? Would like to here from someone with a surface who has tried one of these...


It definitely looks nice...but not sure from the reviews that it has.
It reminds me of the MS Arc mouse, I just wish that it was bluetooth instead of those USB receivers.


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I have the Eclipse, it seems more comfortable than the wedge, but it seems all of my mice with the touch wheel appear too sensitive or don't work all of the time...


Can't comment on that mouse, but I have been using the Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse, which seems to have pretty much the same general features (3 buttons, touch scroll, bluetooth). I like the sculpt and was thinking about getting the arc, but I just don't see how it would be comfortable for extended use.

Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse


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Hey DOS, how long have you had it? Any problems?

Again, I'm not fond of the Touch Wheel (scroll), but it seems to work alright. Just as with all Bluetooth devices and the Surface Pro (and 8.1); connection issues arise.

I have 5 computers at home, each has a different mouse. This is the order I prefer them...

1. Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse 5000 (it has a real wheel)
2. Microsoft Bluetooth Comfort Sculpt Mouse (slightly larger than the 5000, real wheel)
3. Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse (Nice size, smaller than the Comfort Sculpt, touch wheel)
4. Microsoft Arc Mouse (NOT Bluetooth, but I have to use it with my work PC since Bluetooth won't work reliably when connect to network cable) go figure???
5. Eclipse Mouse (Larger that the Wedge, but slightly easier to use.)
6. Microsoft Wedge Mouse (I keep this in the Surface Pro Bag in the event I'm on the go and need a mouse) rarely used.
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