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App Issues - my own wrong doing


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ok so I decided it would be a clever idea to put ALL of the files on my surface onto the microsd card I have inserted into the side of it. As some of you may expect, all my apps disappeared after I did this and it was basically useless, so I just transferred them back to the system and everything seemed fine and dandy.

But with some of my apps, namely gaming apps like tetris, keep loading and then sending me back to the start menu randomly. Is there anyway to fix this?


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This sounds like it may need a re-install of the OS. Moving programs could have broken some things in the registry. The easiest way to make sure you don't have ongoing annoying issues is to bite the bullet, do a wipe and re-install of the tablet. Copy off any documents, spreadsheets, pictures, etc. first! Choose to completely wipe and re-install windows, not the one that saves your files. I just did it this week to fix a problem I caused myself and it wasn't a big deal.