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Apple iPad vs Microsoft Surface


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I had just about taken the decision to move away from Apple and migrate to Windows RT tablet but on digging deeper have found some more problems.

I use my Apple to watch TV streams and Wındows 8/RT does not support SLS which currently is still the industry standard. Flash was the other standard but Adobe has stopped support for all mobile devices.

Also there is as yet no equivalent to Air Play mirroring. There is Smart Glass which is due for release soon, do not know if it will be available at time of Surface, Widows 8/RT Launch but even if it is this is designed to work with XBox 360 and as I not a gamer this would require more expense (about 3-4 times that of Apple TV.

So currently to switch to the Surface I would loose all my films & video that I currently have on Itunes (this I was prepared to do), not be able to watch TV streams (like BBC) and if Smart Glass is going to be available spend another $2-300 on an Xbox rather than less than $100 for an Apple TV to be able to watch programs on large screen TV.

What do you think my latest decisıon has been about the Surface?????


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There will certainly be ways to do this just not proprietary Apple ways. Microsoft may try proprietary ways like glass but more than likely being Windows related DNLA will be an option and is the open standard. There are all kinds of media boxes (for about $100) and tvs that are DNLA compliant and you will be able to send pictures and video to tvs and other devices. I wouldn't let it be a show stopper at this point. In a couple more months we will know a lot more.

As far as losing your Apple films that is not necessarily the case either. You will just need to convert them to the proper format if they are in Apple format. There are many tools for this so you should be ok. Dont forget iTunes works with Windows. It may not work with Windows RT but I am sure if RT takes off developers of apps like doubletwist for Android would have even less trouble porting over compatibility apps from Windows to RT.

Keep an open mind and if you have the time wait it out. It might all just be ok :)
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