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Apple Magic Mouse w Surface


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I sold my MacBook pro over the summer and recently replaced it with a Surface (yay!)

I kept my Bluetooth Apple Magic Mouse cause its worth a good bit and I kinda like it.

Good News: It works with the Surface

Bad News: The touch scrolling, does not. Some links online say I need to download bootcamp or utilities...I tried to run one and the Surface said it couldn't run it for me so I gave up.

Any similar situations/advice?


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They wanted you to get the BootCamp driver from Apple, which are drivers for Apple's hardware for Windows. Unfortunately, those are for x86 processors and won't run on Windows RT. So unless there will be some unofficial drivers for the Magic Mouse, it'll probably never work.


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Ah thanks for your help everybody. I guess thinking apple and microsoft would play nice is too good to be true. Maybe I'll sell my magic mouse and pick up one of those wedges...they just look so unappealing to me.


Have you tried this? Download - Magic Mouse Utilities for Windows

It worked for my Windows 7 laptop, but I can't remember if touch scrolling worked.

The OP was not clear which Surface they were talking about but, since this thread was started before the Surface Pro was released, they must be working with the Surface Rt. Of course, this means you can't run just any software on it.

Hopefully some bright tech enthusiast will some day write an app to fill this need on for Windows RT. Until then :-(


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I've tried using the Magic Trackpad with my Surface and although some functions worked well, not all them did, which led to quite a frustrating experience! It's a real shame Microsoft doesn't make their own version, it would be a real winner considering Windows 8 is all about the touch...