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guys and gals,

i recently purchased "drawboard" which is alright, but was disappointed with the fact that some of the good items are actually part of the "PRO" release, which sucks as you cant just pay for it once, instead it is a monthly subscription. I dont have any issue with paying for a good app either.

The one i really wanted was only on the ipad (Morpholio Trace), which allowed users to create overlays in a PDF, which could be like trace paper to make it feel and look like something you would do in a design office. Yes i am in a design office, hence the question :)

I have looked at using Autocads sketch which is half way there with the layers, but i dont think it allows you to mark up a PDF, which happens to be 99% of the file type used. Also looked at what Onenote can do, but i dislike the inability to create layers or actually set a page width.

Is it just me or is the market place fairly sparse?


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I use Corel’s Paintshop for pdf markups and design (geophysics/earth sciences). I think the layering and rendering are fantastic.


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i downloaded it thinking it was free, then noted the trial. dont know if i can justify a yearly fee of 250 aud per year for a tablet app. if it was under a 100 and a one off fee, i would get it.

Thanks for the recommendation
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