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Battery being used a lot in sleep mode.

Some experience thus far

Fresh Windows 10 install (I do not enable wifi until I install the MS Driver pack for Windows 10. This avoids Software Update trying to install bad drivers)
MS Drivers pack for Windows 10
No SD Card
Setting hibernate to 240 mins for battery and power under advanced power options->sleep

After letting the machine sit on power one night I did a test the next night where I left it on battery. It not only slept properly, but also entered hibernate after 240 mins (I had set this in advanced power management). The next night I left it on power and the day after that I found that it slept properly and entered hibernate as well. This is without disabling updateorchestrator as Diego instructed above. Both times I had battery percentage usage much closer to what it was in Windows 8.1 which was really good.

I think the secret sauce is a combination of things
- The USB bus for the SD card has a huge driver issue. MS is working on this I believe. Until there is a fix I forego using my SD card
- If you don't do a really clean install with MS provided driver pack you will have issues with things like audio keeping the bus open. I don't know if an upgrade exhibits the same issues.
- You have to let your unit stay on power at least one night to finish all of the internal housekeeping things it needs to do.
BTW, with no other modification but removing the SD card and setting hibernate for 4 hours, My tab has great battery life, the fans don't cycle on. I think the secret sauce is that I 1) did a clean install, 2) came up without networking so that MS would not try and install their incorrect drivers for this. I instead installed the driver pack before it was on the network 3) Removed my SD card.


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So, wouldn't it make sense to set ALL Task Scheduler options to DO NOT wake computer to perform task??

Also, 'going to sleep after XX' or 'hibernate after XX', What is the strict definition of this? After what, a key is pressed? The HDD isn't used for that length of time? If I am downloading, will the PC consider that time "inactivity" time, and still go to sleep/hibernate?