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Battery Useage App?


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I'm coming from Android where there are several very useful apps that will show you exactly which apps/processes are using how much of your battery by percentage.

I would love to see if I'm running any battery hogs.


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That would be really cool! Ideas anybody? Would love to see an update that shows the actual TIME and not just PERCENT left on battery (S-2)...
- Aaron


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The problem with such an app would be that it would eat up battery as a consequences of its monitoring function, which kind of defeats the purpose. What I would prefer is an app that lies dormant, but which can be activated by the user to show detailed stats (which means that only when alerted to do so, it would run looking for all the relevant information). My experience with Android devices (phone and tablet) have left me wary of such apps and in the end, I uninstalled all of them. But then again, this was from about a year back - so I don't know if the newer battery monitoring apps are any better.