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Beats Solo HD headphones


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I bought my wife some Beats Solo HD headphones today. They play/plug fine with her Surface RT and Windows Phone. I haven't tried them yet but she says they are great.
I spent a great deal of time when I needed to replace a pair of Yamaha headphones I had had for years. YHD HD1's and unusual in the fact they used a Planar driver, which unfortunately was really never further developed, but allowed efficiency with incredible power handling and maybe the coolest design of anything before or after. That said I ended up after listening to about everything on the market with a pair of Grado headphones. About the price of the Beats Solo I believe, around US $200, but they are truly amazing. I don't mean to knock the Beats, which I think are made by Monster, a company that makes great cables, but there are companies that have dedicated themselves to sound reproduction and remain focused on that singular purpose. I'm not saying one company is better than any other, but there are companies who have a history and passion for what they do, and Grado is one of them. Of course, if your tastes and expendable income push you further there are many incredible offerings from high end audio makers that often make me think my choice of proffesion should have been based more on income potential than career satisfaction.
We discussed Monster and Bose to a great degree in this forum, so I'll let bosamar have this one :LOL:
I've only heard the beats at best buy, not the solos but the bigger ones, and it was all bass. don't know what the solos sound like. don't get me wrong, I love bass in my music but I personally like a more balanced sound. for portability, I have some sennheiser's which are really good, b&w p5's are really nice looking and the sound is really growing on me. also beyerdynamics's dt1350 sound awesome but are really picky about where you place them on your ears. enjoy the beats, there's lots of other great stuff out there too though. like Tom was saying, there is some ridiculously high-end stuff available. I can't believe how much some of these people pay for their rigs!!
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We discussed Monster and Bose to a great degree in this forum, so I'll let bosamar have this one :LOL:
My wife compared the Beats to Bose, Skull Candy, and a few others; these included variations of over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear headphones. We did this at an Army-Air Force Exchange. She immediately told me the on-ear Beats Solo HD sounded the best to her and IMO that's all that matters. From everything I know about Beats most all reviews say the bass is very prominent. If I can pull these headphones off my wife's head for half an hour I given them a real test. I might have to wait until she goes to sleep. lol