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Best Win 8.1 (RT) 8" Tablet


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Hi all,

Been reading about the Dell VP 8" tab running Win 8.1 (not RT). Looks like a nice device, especially because it has that pen (though apparently a bit dodgy as per some reviews). This got me thinking. Are there any 8" Win 8 RT tabs floating around, which are any good?

Use intent: Reading, casual surfing and watching media. For other stuff (including Office) I would prefer to use my Surface 2.

All the previous WinRT devices are 10-11". And since all the other OEMs pulled out of the WinRT market this year, I'm pretty sure it's entirely up to MS/Nokia for the other Surface (RT) tablet sizes.
The Rumored Surface Mini is supposed to me on the horizon and my guess it will be an RT machine....