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Beware how you open the box!


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Now a day, almost all manufactures packaged device this way. That is the reason I always unbox on carpet floor while sitting down on the floor. If stuff came off unexpectedly it would land on the carpet floor. The problem with SF3 is, it is big and has some weight. There is not enough friction to hold it down while unboxing. Yes, you need to be careful while unboxing the SF3. I think someone reported here that he/she dropped the brand new SF3 while unboxing and broke the screen.

I feel like you were just trying to make me cringe every time you used the abbreviation "SF3." If so, GREAT SUCCESS!

It's the SP3.


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In fairness it is really, really obvious which side is 'UP'...

I don't believe the issue is whether is box is "up" or "down", it's how the SP3 is unboxed. For most tablets (galaxy tab, ipad, etc) you would just lift the cover off the box, no issues with the tablet falling off. For SP3, you need to slide the cover off and some people, including myself, may have the box vertically or standing on an edge to make the sliding process easier. I remember the tape on the box was really sticky.

I don't remember encountering this issue when opening my original Surface or Surface Pro. I seems they have changed how the machine is packed, as others have mentioned.


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This is ridiculous, for tech products that cost a crap load of money, put it on a table or any other surface and open it.

I have never had any issues following that one simple rule, from cell phones, to tablets, to laptops, it ain't that hard folks.

You can't control how a manufacturer packages things and you can't assume what it looks like underneath all the packaging, all you can control is how you open stuff.

I must be nuts, because I don't think this is a problem.


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I always keep my boxes incase I decide to upgrade to another device and want to sell it...