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Can one adjust the "pen proximity sensor" of the SP3?


Can one somehow adjust the distance at which the touch screen is disabled when approaching the display with the pen? It seems that when writing with the pen I very often touch the display with the lower side of my palm already before being close enough with the pen to disable touch and so I frequently leave dots and commas and other tiny marks on the "paper". Having to constantly remove these afterwards is pretty tedious.

Francis Beland

New Member
Good news and bad news, mmo:

Good news: Yes, you can get this fixed

Bad news: It is your pen at fault. I hope you can find a free replacement there in Zürich.

Here is how it was solved: Surface Pen Sensitivity - It Draws When I'm Not Touching The Screen

I don't think it's what he meant. The pen seems to work well but he touch with his palm of his hand before the pen is close enough to start the palm rejection.

I had the same problem and to solve it, I did a script to disable the touch screen when I'm in a meeting and I'm using the pen in one note.

I did a post about that here: http://www.surfaceforums.net/threads/disable-the-touch-screen-to-use-the-pen.12338/

I know it's not the solution you were looking but for me it solved my problem.