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change account information on SPro4


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Hello All,
I just bought a surface pro 4 yesterday and am super excited. I have owned an Android device for a while now so everything is based off a gmail account. Not sure why but while setting up my account on Surface pro I thought I should use a Hotmail account as it seemed more logical with Microsoft and and and...
Could I have set up account using my gmail account as that would just link my drop box, one drive etc all together. Please help!! I want to restore back so I can restart the process and register the computer to my gmail account instead. Is there a way I can do this??

Thank you for any feedback and help!


I use a Microsoft account using the @outlook.com domain name to access the features the SP4 offers. Never tried using a gmail account though I doubt it will work. The Microsoft account shows OneDrive, Calendar, Office and e-mail links. It also integrates with the live tiles in the start menu of Windows 10.


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IF you have not already figured this out.......Create a new account on the SP4 and log into your desired email account there -then delete the old account. Done....I don't know if this helps, but it is how I would go about it.