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Charging after let go dead...


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surface book 2 purchased 12/2019 which I don't use that much and I let the battery go dead. It's been about 30 minutes and can't turn on. Charging light is on. I presume at some point it should turn on so my question how long should it take until battery comes back to life?



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You may be caught in a loop of the battery-protection circuitry, which can limit charging. The trick is to get that circuitry running properly. So I suggest repeatedly connecting and disconnecting the charger, about every 10 seconds. Give that a try for a few minutes to see if something happens.


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After about 7hrs on charge would boot up and showed 2% charge, but would then go blank about 1 minute later and try to boot again, again, again, etc. Going to charge overnight and check in AM.


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When you get this to maximum charge, wherever level that turns out to be. run it and discharge it to about 15% then charge it again. rinse repeat. you should be able to improve battery life "some", after several cycles, by doing this. It's not going to be like new.