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chrome taking 6-9 seconds to load


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Before you start in how horrible Chrome is, that is what I use. I really don't want to start a browser flaming war. I can not step away from Chrome because I have it synced with my house and other family members, I manage bookmarks passwords and all that so they don't have to (so I don't have to fix something when they mess it up)
When ever I start up Chrome it takes 6-9 seconds to load, during that loading time I just get a white screen. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Even tried removing all traces of it from my SP3, no I have not done a system reset.
Anyone else having this issue or have a clue on how to make it as snappy as it was when I first installed it? When I first upgraded to Windows 10 it would boot up in less than a second.
I have 3 extensions; APB adblock, adblock for youtube and improvedyoutube. I have shut off all background process in settings.
Thanks for any help in advance.

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