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Clean windows 8/8.1 install?


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Hi guys this is my first post after lingering around for about a year.
Sorry in advance for the probable wall of text to come.

Ok to start I love the sp2 and couldn't really live without it. So my first big problem is my digitizer stopped working and nothing I could do would bring it back so after a reset didn't work I sent the sp2 in for repair/replacement. So I received a replacement device after around 8 days. The good thing was the digitizer was working, but while going through the setup I run into a problem. No matter how many times I try to setup the screen goes black during the process. So after leaving it plugged in for a few hours I decided to do a reset. But during the reset process it gets to the section where the computer is setting up the devices and then screen goes black again so after leaving it for around an hour it's still black but pressing the windows gives the vibrating feedback But I can't get the screen to come back on (i tried this a few times and it always goes black while setting up devices) so i turn it off fully and back on and now the screen goes to sleep while windows is loading. So I figured I'd try use the restore through usb that Microsoft offers through their website. I cant remember the name of the restore file download but it's size is around 6 gigs and I've downloaded it 4 times just to make sure nothings going wrong but the file from Microsoft is corrupted... It will not extract. So I looked for the same restore download on the internet and found one but that was also corrupted. So I thought maybe i would do a clean install and tried using the Microsofts media creation tool but that also keeps failing, Telling me there is a corruption. Now my question is would it work if I downloaded maybe a windows iso from somewhere else? I think I have read somewhere that the product key for the surfaces are built in so it automatically authenticates. Don really know what else to do as I don't want to be without it again for another week.

Again sorry if it's a wall of text. And thanks for taking a look.


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