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The Pashmeister

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Hi there.

I know the Surface RT has Office built-in so I should be able to make my own database, but I'd like an app to store all details of my books, Cds, DVDs, etc.
Very geeky I know, but that's why we're on this forum isn't it? Ideally I'd like one that's available on Windows mobile too, but I think that's asking a bit much.
Has anybody any recommendations?

Thank you


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Honestly I haven't had to deal with a database since dBase (dbf) files. Even MS Access isn't being used much any more. Those are typically some sort of prebuilt apps these days.


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Lotus SmartSuite came with my W95 and had a terrific data base called Approach that I'm still using. Unfortunately, it's no longer available.:(


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It says it wont work on my device... Supports Windows 10 only.
From the linked web page:
Supported operating systems
Windows 10
Windows 10 Mobile

So it wont work on Win RT devices as the OP requested or even X86 devices with Windows 8.1.
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