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"De-bugging" my computer


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Sometimes you have to laugh when history repeats itself.

It is legend that the first use of the term "de-bug" was when a Navy technician found a moth blocking one of the relay switches on the computer (yes, there was a time when computers used relay switches), then recorded in her log book that she had spent some amount of time "de-bugging" the computer.

A little while ago, I stopped in my shop to put away some tools, and sat down at the computer in there to check my email. I glanced into the case (side panels are only for shipping), and noticed that the CPU fan was not turning. It has a pretty blue light, so it was easy to see. On closer examination, I found remnants of a moth blocking the fan. I guess he thought the light was pretty, too. His body parts were pretty dry, so I don't know how long he had been there. Apparently the CPU didn't overheat, as there was no warning message.

Just a little humor to end a productive day.