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Design Flaw for Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Does Your Surface Creak?

  • Nope, Surface makes no Noise

    Votes: 48 70.6%
  • Yes, Surface began to Creak

    Votes: 17 25.0%
  • Multiple Surfaces which exhibited Creaking

    Votes: 3 4.4%

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Mine has been used only at home where I keep it at 74F. The issues only started happening after I used the surface plugged into my monitor doing AutoCAD/some gaming. The unit was warm to the touch, never overheated, but it must have did something to the glue as others are experiencing the same issue as me so I'm not an outlier (especially after two have had this issue for me).

So far, about 20% of people in the poll have said they had this issue, so therefore it is a flaw. If I was the only one having this problem, then it wouldn't be a big deal, but 8 out of 39 with the same issue is pretty big.

This ^ - Run cad on your machine or do video editing all day (it is a pro device right?) guess what? It gets hot...

I'm glad some of you don't have creaking, I'm more concerned with this device after a year of heavy use. I don't think it's a fluke it happened to me twice...


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No one is trying to dismiss your problem. The issues is that your trying to claim a design flaw when you only have information about 41 (granted, some owners may have more than one device) surfaces out of the millions of units sold. You simple don't have the data to back up your claim and it makes you look silly to continue to attempt to.

Remember Antenna gate and the iPhone 4? That's what a design flaw looks like. People that had it (like me) were told they were holding it wrong. Here, MS happily replaces the units of the so far very few people who claim to be affected. Is it an inconvenience? Sure. Is the end of the world? No. If anything, it guarantees you can get a replacement every few months which might net you new hardware like the recently upgraded CPU.


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9 out of 42 is pretty high.

Great Microsoft replaces bad hardware under warranty, but who wants to do this every few months? I sure as hell don't. This isn't a "toy" to me, it was purchased for work...

Iphone 4 design flaw isn't the same. You could have a perfect unit now and 9 months from now the adhesive is soft from being warm and then you get the problem. Just because it hasn't happened to you yet doesn't mean you are in the clear.

Hopefully ill get a 'flawless' third unit....


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I know that the 4300u was "only" a processor update, but I always wonder...... So out of the 9 bad apples on the list so far are any of them 4300u devices?


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I know that the 4300u was "only" a processor update, but I always wonder...... So out of the 9 bad apples on the list so far are any of them 4300u devices?

I'm curious too. Both mine were 4200u - I'm going into the store tomorrow to see if I can swap creaky#2 with a new 4300u unit. I'm ready to join the "happy user" section lol...


I got my SP2 on launch day and haven't had many issues except the battery drain which seems to have been worked around now. After using it since launch, my SP2 (4200u) has a really small creak/flex a few inches from the top left corner. Otherwise it seems fine so I'd hate to exchange it for one worse off. On the other hand I wouldn't mind a 4300u...


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I know that the 4300u was "only" a processor update, but I always wonder...... So out of the 9 bad apples on the list so far are any of them 4300u devices?

Both my creaking units at the 4200u. This unit isn't as bad as the previous unit (that one had audible creaking when I would just tap the middle of the screen. This one is only currently at the edge), so I won't be calling MS for a replacement until it gets worse. I did purchase the extended warranty though because I do like the machine, and hope to keep it for a long time. Its just unfortunate that a $1000 machine has this kind of oversight on MS's part.


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I'm experiencing creaking on the screen near the camera. I can press it, and see the screen going up and down. I'll be contacting Microsoft.
I have had creaking on both devices (returned one for a different reason).
Second one doesn't have much actual movement, just a minor creak.
Seems to have developed over summer (southern hemisphere) but that could just be a coincidence.
Summer here is regularly well above Microsoft's recommended max temperature. It's something I'm aware of and try to manage; can't really complain.


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No creaks, since had it since November with heavy use, photoshoping and occasional gamming. I tend to grip it on camera side as well. Although I do have a co worker who returned a rt version, do to overheating. Like any electronic device , unfortunately it is a hit or miss.


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This problem is caused by the following factors:

1. The screen/touch cable connector is not socketed to the motherboard but is instead held in place by contact force created between the screen and rear cover. By design.
2. The screen and rear cover are in turn held together alone by sticky tape/substance, without any fasteners/screws. By design.
3. The magnetic keyboard latch is positioned in the immediate area near the screen to motherboard contact connector. By design.
4. The keyboard is repeatedly removed. By design.

So whenever the keyboard is removed this places stress on the immediate area where the contact connector for where the display is. This little by little effectively is pulling the screen away from rear cover which is the only mechanism holding the display connector to the motherboard. So over time the connector becomes loose and eventually results in a dead screen.

If you have a dead screen and none of the usual button combinations appears to be turning on your surface pro then try this.

Turn the device face down (somewhere flat where the screen won't be scratched) and firmly press down on the rear of the device near the magnetic latch area. This worked for me!

If this gets your surface pro working then stop disconnecting the keyboard any more. It will be safer to leave it connected from now on.

Backup all your files and cross your fingers.

A heat gun on the rear while pressing down may be more effective but I haven't tried this yet!

If you do use a heat gun to soften and rejuvenate the sticky bond material it is probably a good idea to maintain pressure on the device until it has thoroughly cooled!

Good luck!