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Disable desktop internet explorer


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If I'm on the desktop and press the start menu key on my keyboard, type internet explorer and press enter, it opens internet explorer on the desktop instead of in metro, even if the metro internet explorer is already opened. How can I disable this so internet explorer doesn't sometimes open in metro and sometimes on desktop, and only in metro instead?
IIRC - Under the Internet Options Control Panel, select the Programs Tab and Clear the Checkbox that says "Open Internet Explorer Tiles on the Desktop"
Thank you for your reply. The checkbox is cleared but the behavior does not change. However, checking to box does force it to go to desktop mode every time. But unchecking it does not change the way it opens two different apps depending on how I open it.
Sorry, I missed that you were already on Desktop. I will assume you are running Windows 8.1/RT Update 1 , if so this is by design to make the desktop experience less jarring.