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Solved DisplayPort Problem Or Something Else?


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So I've been reading the posts on DisplayPort issues with some interest, but finally got around to trying to use my SP3 and SP3 dock to be my primary desktop. SP3 is an i5/256GB.

Connected a Monoprice mDP to DP cable to the dock and to the input port on my DP 1.2 compliant Dell U3014. Set the DisplayPort 1.2 on the 3014 to Enabled (default is 1.1 which doesn't support daisychaining).

Connected another Monoprice cable to the DP out on the 3014 and DP in on my Dell P2314H. Installed drivers for the two monitors. 2314 is DP 1.1 which is supposed to be OK when it's the last monitor in the chain.

At first the 2314 complained that it could only display 1920X1080 at 60hz. No problem, went into the video driver settings on the Surface and changed them (they were at 59hz?).

Now I get displays on both monitors (as well as the Surface internal display) and the 3014 is at its full 2560X1600 but ... the 2314 is at 1024 X 768!

I can fiddle in the Display Resolution to my hearts content, and it recommends 1920X1080 resolution for the 2314. But every time I change the resolution, as soon as I click "Apply" the resolution reverts back to 1024X768.

Tried swapping some different off brand cables (that came with the Dells), tried rebooting/redocking/resetting and all the other "re" stuff I could think of. No improvement.

A direct connection from the dock to the 2314 bypassing the 3014 gives me 1928X1080 immediately, so it can produce that resolution when driven by the SP3.

I could probably get by with the 30" display ;) but ...

Anyone have any thoughts on why I might be getting this weird falling back to 1024X768?


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Yeah something is obviously goofed up there. I believe you should be able to drive 2 additional monitors at 2880 x 1800 @ 60mhz, each. So you're not going too high on your resolution.

I have seen a couple members now post about their 2nd external monitor not displaying at all, but this is the first I've heard of your issue.


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Six months in the making, a solution.

I have a staff member with virtually the same setup I have - SP3, dock, Dell 3014 and 2314H.

Dropped my SP3 into his dock - presto, full resolution on all displays.

Swapped my 15' Monoprice MiniDisplayPort cable between the dock and the 3014 with a 6' Monoprice MiniDisplayPort cable.

Dropped my SP3 into my dock - presto, full resolution on all displays.

Problem was the 15' cable.