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docking station conflicts with wifi - kensington sd3000v / sp4 - help!


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Hi all,

I recently purchsed an SP4 ... and whenever i plug in my kensington usb docking station (for use of second display) it breaks my internet/wifi connection!

I really cant understand it... its a talktalk wireless router

I tried disabling the ethernet adapter for the kensington hub in device manager but this does not work (it seemed to work on my other laptop, also running windows 10 where i had a similar issue of intermittent wifi)

Maybe it just an unlucky driver conflict (I tried updating the drivers for the hub).

I really dont want to fork out for the surface dock because of this madness.

any help would be really appreciated ; )
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If it's a USB3 hub, you should be able to solve the problem by substituting a USB2 hub or using a 5 GHz WiFi connection. This guy had the same problem and solved it:


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