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j5create JUD500 - Wormhole technology is cool


I got this in the post today

I bought it mainly to use as a docking station for my Surface Pro. I wanted to make it easier to connect my external monitor, external HDD and speakers, plus get the additional USB ports.

After seeing what the wormhole technology can do, I've decided to leave the external monitor, HDD and speakers connected to the Dell laptop all the time and just use the Surface Pro to control the Dell, plus have the added benefit of being able to copy and paste files and clipboard data between the two machines. All of media files are on the laptop and external HDD, so it makes it easier to just be able to control it from the SP. All of my work files are synced to both machine via dropbox already, and I have the same software installed on both machines.

I can control both the SP and the Dell laptop using the SP type cover and Bluetooth mouse paired with the SP. (the Dell keyboard and mouse can also control the SP, but I won't be using them as my laptop now sits at the back of the desk with the external monitor connected to it.

I used to have to reach around my Surface Pro to type on the Dell (or tilt the SP screen forward and have it drop down because I forget it's not hinged like a laptop screen). Also, having 2 mice on the desk was annoying. Now just 1 that controls both machines is excellent, and I can't accidentally grab the wrong one.

In hindsight, I probably could have saved some money (and desk space) by just getting a wormhole switch, instead of the docking station, but the extra USB ports are nice to have.

The Wormhole technology is brilliant.

[edit] I just uploaded a video showing it in action.
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Cool setup. Others might be interested in this dock setup vs. the other one that has been going around. Thanks for sharing.
That looks like a very nice device. I like the wormhole technology. Exactly what I have been looking for. I use my SP out in the field for work and I have to either email, dropbox, flashdrive transfer, filesharing, etc the files to my office PC. I might give this a try. Thanks for the video. Btw, your desk definitely beats me as far as how much wiring etc you have..........lol.
Haha. Yeah, my desk is terrible.
But I now where everything is when I need it... usually :)

I had a bit of a "duh" moment yesterday with the wormhole setup.

I had got into the routine of coming home, taking the SP, charger, pen and mouse out of my bag and setting them on my desk. Connecting the wormhole switch and pushing the laptop mouse to one side.
Then yesterday I realized that I can just leave the SP mouse in the bag, and use the laptop mouse and SP keyboard to control both machines. So obvious and simple, yet it took me a couple of days to figure out:)