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Dual Display setup with Dockingstation


My Daisychaining has stopped working this morning. I can't get it working. Sigh! The recent June updates? I have reverted back to Lenovo USB 3.0 Dock for my second display to start working again. I will try and dink with it later this morning.


Gee thats a bummer. Hope it comes good. AFAIK my SP3 all the June updates too?

I just unboxed and hooked up 2x Dell U2414H monitors to the docking station, daisy chained. They were clearly labelled rev A03 on the outside of the cartons which was good. No way Dell could tell me this info before hand though. Anyway up and running in ten minutes with minimal config required.
Looks good and I love the way the monitors can sit high enough on their stand to allow the SP3 screen to sit in front without obscuring them.

Now I am going to experiment with running my ext HDD from the screen instead of the Docking-station inn the home that it does not continually spin when the SP3 is removed.

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