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Exchanged Surface Pro for Asus Taichi


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So I love the Surface Pro. It is awesome.
But I lust the Taichi, and when I finally got my hands on one, I was fortunate to be able to exchange the Surface Pro for it at the Microsoft Store. I have to say, if you can get to a Microsoft Store, they are awesome - the customer service there is exceptional.

Anyway, my reasons are thus:
Each of these devices is a hybrid.
The Surface is a better tablet.
The Taichi is a better laptop.

I will be using the device more as a laptop than as a tablet, so I figure I'd get the form factor that suits my needs better. I racked my brain for about a day trying to figure out whether or not I should make the switch and this Pro / Con list is what I came up with:

Surface Pro:
Pros: Smaller, better build quality, lighter, better stylus technology, cost, made by microsoft so support will be top shelf
Cons: Thicker(?!), not as flexible form factor

Pros: Two USB 3.0 ports, two video out ports, backlit keyboard, crazy presentation mode, matte screen for laptop mode, sexy cover included
Cons: Bigger, heavier, kinda stabby in tablet mode, no touchscreen in laptop mode (hate this)

So each device has a lot going for it and neither is perfect. I came down on the Taichi's side because I find that the things that are good about it are things that I will actually appreciate more.

Good times!
Congrats, the Taichi is a nice device as well. It is good to have options and it seems one of the primary purposes for making the Surface is being fulfilled in that MS's partners have stepped up their devices in response. Windows 8, tablets and PCs are only going to get better as they meld together.
The Asus Transformer with Windows 8 was on my (very short) list of convertibles. In fact I had decided it was the one I was going to purchase until I saw the Surface RT last June. I think you made a great choice with the Asus brand, they've got a good rep.
I'm actually going to try to return this thing today.
The first one I had had a loose trackpad. The one I've got now, the trackpad will often not work until I restart, and on the touchscreen there is a frequent ghost touch. I think this model isn't quite ready for primetime. Maybe the Taichi 2 will be better, we'll see!
Back! Success!
I can't get over how good the customer service is at the Microsoft stores. If you ever have an option to buy stuff there, I very highly recommend it.

Now that I'm back on the Surface Pro after using the Taichi for a couple weeks, I am very happy. The taichi was cool, but everything about the Surface is tigher and seems faster; the touchscreen is definitely superior - not to mention the exceptional stylus.

The Surface Pro is an awesome device.