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finally! a good SP3 cover/case


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As the title suggests...... Just letting ya SP3 lovers on some good news, been searching for ages on the web/eBay but no luck until today.

I have to admit I am really picky when it comes to cases for my beloved gadgets.
This one seems to be the only 'viable' one that fits my criteria ( stand can freely move, not thick and ugly, lightweight, and can close with the keyboard attached)

Really pricey though, selling at $70 AUD at local electronics stores, such a pity. But it's a no brainer for me, cause it's literally the only case that I find usable. Don't want my SP3 to have paint chippings all over the corners like my Surface RT 2...


incipio have one thats nice for SP2, they might make a SP3 one based on the same design. Worth to check that out as well.


Just wondering how you like your case since youve had it for a few months.

Can you post a pic or 2 to show how it wore.

My sp3 is naked at the moment i just havent found any cases that i like, i have the manvex case on my sp1 and it has little to no wear for being over a year old.


I am using the Maroo Synthetic Leather/Wool Folio that I got at the same time as my Surface. I just needed an envelope when doing short trips. I do business travel with this and have it in the laptop compartment of my shoulder computer bag. the case fits the typecover and even has a separate carrier for your pen (but I don't like it there as the pen just rubs up against your device as the loop for the pen is no bigger than the loop that comes with the type cover; which I use instead. it does have a nice magnetic flap.


I don't like the weight - either the wool or faux leather is just heavy. I would have preferred a simple sleeve such as this one:

My next accessory I am searching for is a computer bag small enough to carry the 12" SP3, charger, mouse, adapters and my standard compliment of personal items. Cards, wallet, keys etc.