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Got 3 Surfaces, all with light bleed + general MS bashing


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I think he just learned to live with it.

I picked up my corporate laptop today. And to be honest: it's very good. Senior leadership has an option for a Surface Pro 4, but I am not there yet. So I am stuck with an HP EliteBook. I5, 8GB RAM. And it works fine!

Only reason I am dragging my Surface 3 along is: for in the car, to be able to make hand written notes and to be able to play my own music. For the car I can as well purchase a cheap LTE Android tablet. I can put my music on that one as well. And hand written notes.... well... how important is that? Is it important enough to buy me an expensive Surface Pro tablet and ditch the corporate laptop? Perhaps. Then I still need an Android tablet for in the car, but I don't need it as long as I have my Surface 3. But dragging along a laptop and a Surface 3 is somewhat stupid....


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Yes I just gave up and decided to live with it, because despite it's faults, it's still an excellent machine... it's a shame to see parts of the machine that are actually worse than the one I bought 4 years ago! But at the same time there are so many improvements it does make it worth it in the end.

No.1 for me just has to be the new keyboards, they're just so, so good! :)


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I have an SP2 and now an SP 2017 with no light bleed on either one. Maybe it's an manufacturer problem. Or, maybe just a lottery.
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I've checked in various stores (including Currys & John Lewis) with ctrl+alt-del and I've not seen one that doesn't have the issue. It's bleeding obvious, as it were.

When I see one that is bleed free, I might start considering it as an upgrade to my SPro 3, but for the time being I'll stick with what I have.


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I agree with you that this shouldn't happen on a premium device! Try pressing the device somewhat. You'll see wrinkles flowing over the screen like water. Nice and all, but an iPad doesn't have that, nor does a Samsung tablet. Haven't tried all sorts of tablets though. And yet again: the iPads and most Samsung tablets don't run Windows :(

Believe me, I've had my share of amazement as I currently have the FIFTH Surface 3 with a defective screen.

I'm not minimizing anyone's problems here, but this kind of made me chuckle a little. When you said that about the iPad, I pulled out my iPad Air 2 and lightly pressed on the display. Of course, I saw the usual LCD distortion that happens with just about every thin device today (and as you describe here). That's the nature of the beast -- make a machine thin enough and you're going to see screen distortion when you apply pressure.


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I will check it again but I saw a huge difference between Surface devices on one hand and iPads and Samsung tablets on the other hand