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Hearthstone + M3 model


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Hello, I've been trying to play hearthstone on my SP4 but have had some problems.

If I play while the SP4 is connected to the AC adapter then I get no problems. The moment I go on battery hearthstone starts to run slow, skip frames and about a minute later I get a windows message saying the app must be closed as there is not enough memory available anymore.

I've put the battery settings to high performance to see if it would help but nope. :( This prevents me from playing at home since my AC adapter is at work and would rather not have the device plugged all the time.

any help? :)


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I am having a problem with my surfacepro, it won't let me search in Hearthstone. I can play the game no problem but when I click on search it moves to the top then when I type something and press'enter' it dimply disappears, this means I can't search for cards at all, really frustrating as I can't make any decks!! Any ideas?