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Hide Extra Controls - PowerPoint 2013 Presenter View


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We have the Surface Pro running Office 2013. When presenting presentations while connected to a display or projector, the extra controls (forward, back, options, inking) display in the lower left corner of the screen once any touch input is used. So the extra controls do not appear until you touch the Surface to navigate through the slides. If you only use the stylus or a mouse for all forwarding or inking these extra controls do not display on the output screen. Also once touch input is used it doesn't seem that these extra controls fade away after a period of time. It seems that these extra controls should not display on the projected screen that the audience sees (and in fact when testing this same set-up using either a Dell or Toshiba tablet pc, the extra controls do not display on the projected screen for any extended duration- even when using touch input). I know that these extra controls display in older versions of PowerPoint; however, they fade away quickly, are much smaller in size and much more transparent then the ones that are displayed when presenting with the Surface. Lastly to be clear we are using the extended desktop view so that on the Surface we see the slides, notes, and navigation, and on the display screen we only see the full-screen presentation. Is this simply how PowerPoint 2013 on the Surface acts or is there a way to hide these extra controls? I know you can hide "media controls" however these are not the media controls that are being displayed. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.