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hotmail issue ?


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I don't know if this is a surface rt issue, a windows 8.1 issue, or an IE issue but when I receive an email using Hotmail that has pictures embedded in the email the pics do not show. Where the pics are supposed to be all you see is a small black or red box with and x in the middle of the box. I've hit refresh and that did not work then right clicked to tell it show the pic but no success. Frustrating.

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That generally means the pictures don't exist. As in, they got deleted from the server. It doesn't have anything to do with the mail provider. That being said, sometimes the mail provider will block them if they are from an unknown source and it will display a message like "click here to display images".


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Do the pictures show if you open a browser and visit hotmail.com? Also, if you swipe in from the right and go to settings -> account settings, there is an option to automatically download external images.