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How About a More Positive Review Just Out from ZDnet?

Mathew Miller seems to be one of the better reviewers out there. His posts always seem to be formed of common sense and a lack of preconceived notions. Too often other tech reviewers have something they say about a device without ever evaluating it and then use it in a way that confirms what they already wanted to say.
There's another, also from the same site where he said he's been using it for 12 days or something. That is a better one too.
That "article" is classic trash. Not worth the read I just gave it. The author is just plain wrong too often to be given any credit. Unfortunately people will believe it since it's online.
If you want some good reviews check out Best Buy website, the Surface gets 4-5 stars pretty much in every review I've seen. If there is one commonality with most tech bloggers is they write to get clicks, trashing anything Microsoft gets clicks. It's good to see when tech bloggers are not bias and give an honest review but those are hard to find.
It seems to me that many of the reviews I've read are almost political. It's fashionable to trash Microsoft and praise Apple. Real world usabilty is of prime importance to me, and I've owned both an PiPad and now the Surface. The Surfce is far superior for what I need to do.