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Opinions on Surface Book


I know why it weighs more, but the point is that it makes it harder to carry around everywhere daily, which is how I use my SP3.

I don't know much I'd get in a trade-in for my SP3, but I was more apt to trade in my 15-inch retina MacBook Pro, except that I'd be downgrading from a quad-core computer to a dual-core one and cheating myself out of what I'd get if I just sold it instead. It has a 1TB SSD, a 2.6GHz Haswell processor, dedicated graphics and 16GB of RAM. My guess is that Microsoft would only give me $650.


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I'm used to carrying an Alienware 18 around the Surface Book is about 5 or 6 times lighter. The power brick for the Alienware is like 3 times heavier then the SB.