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How do I upgrade to RT 8.1 if I had preview?


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My last guess before I recommend a refresh.... is your Preview showing that it is activated?


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The only thing that ended up working for me was the manual way you indicated in another thread:

"Try here: Copy to browser....


I'd be concerned if I was MS and others have this same issue. It shouldn't be this clumsy. I called the Surface support number and after 2 hours on the phone they couldn't figure it out either. If it weren't for your instructions I'd be you know what...


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Thanks Borka and Jnjroach. I finally got it to work by doing the same thing Borka did - manually cutting and pasting the following into the Surface Web browser and hitting enter:


It then launched the Store and took me to the Windows upgrade page. Now I just have to play with it to see what is different. Thanks for all the help!